Positive Action

Working to Support Vulnerable Communities

Through Positive Action we continue to lead worldwide activities to deliver education, support services and care for people living with HIV.

Positive Action was created in 1992 by one of our heritage companies, GSK. It was the first pharmaceutical company programme to support communities affected by HIV and AIDS. Today, we are proud to have expanded our Positive Action programme to reach those communities most vulnerable to HIV disease, including adolescents, girls and women, sex workers, gay men, men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender people, people who inject drugs (PWID), the homeless and the incarcerated. The programme works with both global and local advocacy organisations to build capacity, targeting funds towards projects that enable them to tackle stigma and discrimination, to test innovations in education, care and treatment, and to deliver greater and meaningful involvement of people living with HIV. 

Positive Action Southern Initiative
Our Positive Action Southern Initiative (PASI) supports community organisations that address gaps in services or programmes and reduce disparities in linkages to care and treatment adherence among people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS in the Southern United States, the U.S. region hardest hit by the epidemic. 

PASI currently supports 32 community organizations in the Southern U.S. and reaches over 18,000 people living with or affected by HIV.

Positive Action Europe
Our Positive Action Europe programme addresses the diverse needs of people living with HIV across Europe by working directly with national organizations to support local initiatives that range from patient empowerment and education, increase testing for early diagnosis, fighting stigma and discrimination and addressing emotional/societal issues such as the psychological impact of HIV on individuals and their families.
Our goal is to help patients in the European communities most vulnerable to HIV have the information that they need in order to improve both their quality of life and quality of care. The programme began in 2014 with the launch of three pilot projects in Spain, Portugal and Greece.  

Positive Action Europe has awarded a total of £100,000 in grants to seven patient advocacy groups in Europe.

Positive Action Community Grants
The Positive Action Community Grants are given by our local operating companies to in-country HIV community organisations that are innovative, sustainable and that produce tangible results for communities affected by HIV. 

Positive Action Men Who Have Sex with Men and Transgender Initiative
Launched in 2015, this new initiative aims to support and inform the global effort to alleviate the impact of HIV and AIDS among MSM and transgender populations around the world. We have committed to invest £2 million per year to encourage MSM and transgender community-led interventions to reduce stigma and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and/or HIV status. The programme will aim to enable MSM and transgender individuals around the world to safely seek culturally competent HIV care and services and will support these communities as they develop their capacity to lead, participate in policy-making and address the severe health disparities and health service access issues affecting MSM and transgender individuals.