Positive Perspectives: Looking into the lives of people living with HIV and their partners

The Positive Perspectives survey is an international survey conducted by ViiV Healthcare in collaboration with an international, multi-disciplinary Steering Committee that included: HIV physicians, PLHIV and patient group representatives.

The aim is of the survey is to understand the perspectives and attitudes of people living with HIV and their partners.

New data from the Positive Perspective survey was recently announcedexploring partners’ or their significant other perspectives on the support they provide to their HIV positive partner, the role they play in treatment decision-making and the challenges they may face associated with their partner’s HIV.

These latest results build upon previous findings from people living with HIV (PLHIV) that were presented at three conferences during 2017: IAS in Paris, IDWeek and EACS.



You can download the survey reports here to view the full findings:

Short of time? Here’s a snapshot of both reports:

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The external Positive Perspective survey Steering Committee shared their thoughts on the results with us:

To explore the results from the Positive Perspectives survey further, please visit www.livlife.com