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GSK ranked top of the 2014 Access to Medicines (ATM) Index for the fourth consecutive time

It was announced today that GSK has been ranked top of the 2014 Access to Medicines (ATM) Index for the fourth consecutive time. The ATM Index 2014 focuses on companies’ performance in 106 countries, mostly low-income and lower middle-income (based on World Bank classifications) across Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean.

We are very proud of this achievement, as one of the initiatives introduced since the last index was conducted in 2012 includes ViiV Healthcare joining the UNITAID-backed Medicines Patent Pool, aimed at improving access to medicines for people living with HIV [1],[2]. These collaborations underscore our commitment to increase access to life-saving HIV medicines for children and adults in the developing world where 99% of children and 93.4% of adults with HIV live.

While enabling greater access to medicines is firmly at the heart of our business, we recognise the enormous significance of the community’s response to tackling HIV/AIDS. Our Positive Action, Positive Action Southern Initiative, Positive Action for Children Fund and Paediatric Innovation Seed Fund programmes collaborate with patient organisations worldwide who provide direct support, advocate prevention, educate peers, campaign for services and treatment, and stand up to discrimination and the abuse of human rights.

We believe it is right that the industry continues to be challenged to do more and we are encouraged to see the industry as a whole making such great efforts to improve access to medicines. GSK’s ranking in the ATM Index is a great acknowledgement of our commitment and the work and dedication of our people to deliver innovations that aim to improve the health and well-being of people living with HIV no matter where they are in the world [3].