Global Patient Affairs Medical Lead Oleksandr Gorbenko explains how we put people living with HIV are at the heart of everything we do

Each year, World AIDS Day gives society with an opportunity to remember the devastating impact AIDS had on our world, and a chance to reflect on the ongoing challenges faced by people living with HIV today. As a company 100% focused on HIV, ViiV Healthcare’s commitment to people living with HIV (PLHIV) takes place every day, and is at the core of our mission.

Five ways ViiV Healthcare is putting PLHIV at the heart of everything we do

Every day, everyone at ViiV Healthcare works towards delivering on our commitment to PLHIV by putting patient interests at the forefront of every decision we take and every project we run. We do this by:

  1. Listening to PLHIV and identifying their unmet needs by maintaining a permanent and ongoing dialogue with PLHIV, their loved ones and caregivers, advocates and activists
  2. Building long-term and trusted partnerships with patient organisations
  3. Taking action to tackle stigma and discrimination within the HIV area and think about the key affected/at risk and underserved populations
  4. Business planning and decision-making based on PLHIV insights in particular around innovation and research and development
  5. Supporting PLHIV throughout the HIV care continuum

Delivering on our vision and commitment to improving the lives of PLHIV

Partnership is central to the way we work and aim to deliver advances in treatment and care for PLHIV. We encourage collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, individuals, academic institutions and not-for-profit organisations in the healthcare community in order to broaden our capability and enhance our performance still further. Our Positive Action programmes target vulnerable communities to identify unmet needs and provide support to PLHIV beyond our medicines.

  • We explore new ways of engagement with PLHIV by investing in innovative tools such as our HIVE unit, our Innovation Fund and our Positive Action Community Challenges
  • We are taking part in the Patient-Focused Drug development global initiatives to ensure getting valuable input from patients throughout all stages of drug development continuum – from discovery to phase IV
  • We incorporate Patient-Reported Outcomes measurements to the majority of our clinical programmes.
  • We are continually getting advice, insights and information from PLHIV, their caregivers and advocates to understand unmet medical, psychological, social, healthcare-related and other needs.

These are only a few examples of how we put PLHIV at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to continue seeking out and building new partnerships and connections to help strengthen education, support services, local healthcare capacity and capabilities, reduce stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS and the development and evaluation of new interventions and approaches to improve health service delivery.

We believe being patient-centric is mostly a mindset that starts at an individual level. Let’s take World AIDS Day 2016 as an opportunity to galvanise our collective intentions and challenge colleagues and partners to ‘Fight HIV Together’ by keep PLHIV front of mind, everyday.