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Healthcare professionals

ViiV Healthcare builds partnerships with healthcare professionals (HCPs) by offering expertise and the opportunity to work together on developing new treatments combining it with HCPs scientific and medical insights into patient care. We believe this partnership is fundamental to the progress of medical science and helps meet the needs of patients living with HIV. 

Our work with healthcare professionals 

During 2015 we introduced changes to the way we work with HCPs, with the aim of bringing greater confidence to the society that whenever we as an organisation talk to a doctor, nurse or other HCP, there is no doubt that patients’ interests are the primary reason for doing so. We have been strengthening our dedicated medical and scientific capability, optimising the way we support HCP education using multiple channels. We provide comprehensive information about our medicines that will help HCPs make the best treatment decisions for their patients. In parallel, we are the first company to end direct payments to healthcare professionals for speaking about our products, and are handing over decisions about sponsorship for attendance at medical conferences to independent third parties.

Interactions with prescribers

At ViiV we are proud of the work we do in order to fulfil our mission of leaving no patient behind. We are equally passionate about how we do that work. It is important to all of us at ViiV to behave at the highest ethical standards and according to our values: trust; and integrity,

Modernising how we work with healthcare professionals

Responding to the needs of patients and meeting the wider expectations of society, we initiated a two-year process that has changed how we work with healthcare professionals (HCPs) – becoming the first in the sector to move towards ending the practice of paying HCPs to speak about our products to other prescribers, and providing financial support to attend
medical conferences only through independent third parties.

We recognise our important role in supporting HCPs’ education needs and our role in providing accurate information about our medicines to help them make the best treatment decisions for their patients. We are strengthening our dedicated medical and scientific capability to appropriately engage with HCPs and improve our multi-channel capabilities, including use of digital technologies, to provide appropriate information on our products conveniently to HCPs. We will also continue to support fair, balanced and objective medical education for HCPs that delivers measurable patient benefit through provision of independent educational grants.

Find out more about our arm’s-length support of independent medical education.

We will continue to offer appropriate fees to HCPs providing services for VIIV-sponsored clinical research, advisory activities and market research. These activities are essential to provide ViiV with specific insights to ensure that ViiV is at the leading edge of medicines development to help meet patient needs.

These changes are designed to modernise our relationship with healthcare professionals and bring greater clarity and confidence that whenever we talk to a doctor, nurse or other HCPs it is patients’ interests that always come first. We understand that while we have an important role to play in providing HCPs with information about our medicines, we are expected to do so clearly, transparently and without any perception of conflict of interest.

Patient focus at the heart of our sales and marketing practices

ViiV’s sales professionals who work directly with prescribing healthcare professionals are now evaluated and rewarded for their technical knowledge, the quality of the service they deliver to support improved patient care and the overall performance of ViiV’s business. 

Collaborating on clinical trials and research

Our relationships with HCPs are central to our clinical trials. HCPs identify potential trial volunteers, administer the potential medicine to the patients, and monitor the results. In this way their unique medical insight and knowledge is vital to the development of new treatments for HIV.

HCPs have contracts with us and are paid to work on our clinical trials. This payment covers their time, plus the cost of investigations they may need to carry out regarding the suitability of a patient and the effectiveness of the treatment.

We have strict policies governing all our work with HCPs. These state that:

  • all clinical trial investigators are selected solely on their qualifications to conduct good quality clinical research
  • their history of using or not using ViiV products must not be taken into account when deciding whether to include them as trial investigators
  • no payments are offered or made to influence their judgement on whether to enrol or maintain a patient in a clinical study
  • gifts are not permissible to healthcare professionals involved in research projects for ViiV
  • all payments to HCPs must be governed by contracts
  • any payment must reflect fair market value for the work performed and the services provided

We also have a commitment to make public the research payments that are made to healthcare professionals and to their institutions.

How we work with HCPs

Our relationships with HCPs are central to our clinical trials. HCPs identify potential trial volunteers, administer the potential medicine to the patients, and monitor the results. In this way their unique medical insight and knowledge is vital to the development of new treatments.

Independent medical education

Our arm’s-length support of independent medical education aims to help HCPs deliver the best care for HIV patients. 

We fund education initiatives for healthcare professionals where there is patient need and mutual scientific interest. We help education experts and healthcare professionals to collaborate and innovate, with the ultimate aim of identifying and closing healthcare gaps. 

We support these initiatives at arm’s-length: we have no involvement or influence on the education development, logistics or selection of participants. We focus our financial resource on programmes that have the greatest potential impact on our patients’ health, wellbeing and care.