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Positive Partnerships

ViiV Healthcare is committed to partnering with the community and local stakeholders to instigate positive changes for people living with HIV (PLHIV.) Positive Partnerships was started to broaden our involvement at a grass roots level, whilst testing the value of specific interventions and their effectiveness towards closing gaps in the care continuum. These partnerships include the roll out of new testing and adherence programmes; improving access to treatment for hard to reach PLHIV and working towards identifying more digital health solutions to improve the lives of PLHIV. Each partnership focuses on a different aspect of HIV care with the aim of sharing best practices and key learnings globally.

Positive Partnerships

  • Canada

    Saskatchewan “Get Tested” Initiative

  • Argentina

    Test, Link and Treat Pilar Population

  • Uruguay

    Timely HIV Detection in Outpatient Clinic Users in Montevideo

  • Brazil

    Daí Galera

  • UK

    HIV in Primary Care – Doing the Right Thing

  • Estonia

    HIV Digital

  • Spain

    Reducing the Impact of Lost to Follow Up

  • Italy

    Free to Live Well with HIV in Prison

  • Germany

    Walk in Ruhr

  • Germany II

    Let’s talk and Test

  • Switzerland

    PRIDE HIV Test Activities