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Employees at ViiV Healthcare Gain a Different Perspective through the Positive Action Associates Programme

At ViiV Healthcare we offer a special programme for employees to get directly involved in Positive Action, lending their skills and expertise to grantee organisations working in communities facing the most acute challenges of HIV and AIDS

Since its creation, ViiV Healthcare has been supporting communities most affected by HIV/AIDS. Through Positive Action we partner with non-governmental organisations and community based organisations to deliver sustainable projects at a grass-roots level in communities facing the most acute challenges of HIV and AIDS.

Through our Positive Action Associates Programme, ViiV Healthcare colleagues can play a direct role in supporting our community partners, monitoring and evaluating the progress of specific grassroots projects and helping grantee organisations achieve their full potential.

“As a company that is focused 100% on advancing HIV, our team has a deep passion to support people living with HIV.  Whilst we work to achieve this collectively, some individuals aren’t always in a role that enables them to help directly,” said Gillian Kenward, Human Resources Business Lead who helped to set up the Positive Action Associates Programme.

“This programme exposes our employees tothe work of our partners around the world, thus providing them with new insights into the HIV epidemic and giving them an opportunity to give back, see direct outcomes, and also develop themselves.”

Positive Action Associates are fundamental to the operation of the Positive Action for Children Fund and Positive Action for MSM & Transgender and Positive Action Southern Initiative programmes. Our colleagues play a vital role in supporting the programmes, benefiting both the employee and the community based organisations they support. By working with Positive Action grantee organisations, individuals are able to gain a deeper understanding some of the pratical and real life challenges people living with HIV face, in particular in the developing world.  

Dominic Kemps, Director of the Positive Action for Children Fund said: “The Positive Action Associates Programme enables any ViiV Healthcare employee, regardless of level or geography, the opportunity to step out of their every day role and work with grassroots organisations in key affected populations and in the most impacted areas of the world.”

“In usual practice, a colleague in accounting wouldn’t have the opportunity to speak to, manage and see the direct impact we have on people living with HIV – with this programme, they can.”

Michael Joyner, Director of the Positive Action for MSM & Transgender and the Southern Initiative Programmes adds: “It demonstrates our commitment to both our employees and people living with HIV, which resonates with our company culture and singular focus – putting patients at the forefront of everything we do.”

Every year, the Positive Action Associates Programme welcomes a handful of employees for a year-long commitment, which involves hours of regular communication with community partners, project report reviews and Positive Action meetings. This commitment is made on top of their regular work responsibilities. Nearing the end of the programme, Associates have the opportunity to visit some of Positive Action community partners and observe the projects in-action.

“The Positive Action Associates Programme we offer at ViiV Healthcare speaks to our unique culture and pushes cross-functional learning opportunities to its maximum,” said Gillian.

“Rather than send our employees on a training course for the day or securing a secondment for six months, we enable employees to remain in their everyday environment – to continue doing what they love whilst reaching out further to touch the lives of people who need it most.”

The Positive Action Associates Programme helps our people individually connect and collaborate with the HIV community – expanding their knowledge and expertise and enabling them to share their skills with others. As a result, ViiV Healthcare makes more meaningful contributions to people living with, and affected by, HIV across the globe.

Learn more about the Positive Action for Children Fund the Positive Action for MSM and Transgender Programme and the Positive Action Southern Initiative.