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To extend the reach of SPARK17 a post event curriculum was developed, this concentrated on key learning areas of SPARK17.

This post event curriculum was open to a wider group of people, but SPARK alumni were still the custodians to SPARK17, therefore they were given the opportunity to host the sessions off their closed Facebook group.

The three modules recap on some of the skills learned at the event - media, creative and presenting skills. The sessions have been designed in such a way that anybody will be able to learn from them therefore if you were not in attendance at SPARK17 you will still benefit from the post curriculum.

The SPARK alumni will still be the custodians to SPARK17, therefore they will host the sessions off their closed Facebook group. With your help, we suggest the alumni host their events at the key organisations’ meeting rooms.


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Media planning

A comprehensive informative module on knowing your audience, planning the perfect timing and branding

Creative skills

An engaging session on how to use composition to take appealing photos and videos, what to do when editing videos and how to tell a captivating story in as little as 6 words

Presentation skills

Two expert session that guide you through improving your pitching, presentations, and day-to-day communication skills.


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