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U=U: Undetectable equals Untransmittable

If you are living with HIV and maintain undetectable levels of the virus, there is good news.

You cannot transmit HIV to your sexual partners.


For years, evidence has been building that the likelihood of passing HIV on is linked to the amount of the virus in your blood. The landmark PARTNER study looked at over 58,000 instances of sex without a condom, where one partner was HIV positive and one was HIV negative. Results found that where the HIV positive partner was on an effective treatment – reducing the amount of the virus to ‘undetectable’ levels – there were zero cases of HIV transmission.

This led to the development of the U=U consensus statement by the Prevention Access Campaign: https://www.preventionaccess.org/.

As a truly global initiative, over 600 organisations from 75 different countries have now signed the U=U consensus statement in support of people living with HIV. ViiV Healthcare are proud to be a part of this number.

In support of the U=U consensus statement, ViiV UK have developed the ‘U equals’ creative campaign, working alongside the HIV community. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the U=U statement by demonstrating what U=U really means for those living with HIV.


The campaign is centred on a film, depicting the lives of those who are undetectable. The film will be supported through in-clinic posters and a social media campaign. ViiV medical advisors will be working with HIV clinics in the UK to roll out the campaign and ensure that the message is heard.



ViiV Healthcare is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Undetectable = Untransmittable community which continues to challenge us all to do more to improve the lives of people living with HIV and dismantle HIV stigma.  We support the U=U consensus statement which above all is a rallying cry to empower people living with HIV to live healthy, full and productive lives, without fear of transmission. As a progressive company that is proud of its deep and longstanding relationships with the community, ViiV Healthcare congratulates all of those who continue to advocate for people living with HIV.  This opportunity reinforces our commitment to use the power of science to ensure that the goals of continuous viral suppression and good quality of life are achieved by all people living with HIV and that no person living with HIV is left behind.  -          Stephen Rea, Head of External Affairs, ViiV Healthcare


UK/HIV/0046/18 Date of preparation, June 2018