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Adolescents Count Today, Kenya

A project working to mitigate the impact of HIV for adolescents living with or affected by HIV in Kenya by providing access to micro-credit and income-generating activities.

Project overview

ACT is a three-year initiative that aims to improve the sexual and reproductive health, care and rights of adolescents and families living with or affected by HIV in Kenya. The project’s foundation is based upon:

  • Integrated HIV and sexual and reproductive service delivery for adolescents and gender transformative approaches that empower boys and girls to prevent HIV infection and sexual ill health;
  • Mitigating the impact of HIV by providing access to micro-credit and income-generating activities – aimed especially at young women and girls;
  • Providing skills and mentorship training by utilising the infrastructure of the IPPF to support young people in issues beyond the health sector; and,
  • Strengthening programmes aimed at addressing the prevention needs of young people living with HIV.

Key Facts

Project Name: Adolescents Count Today (ACT)

Run by: International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) through our Member Association Family Health Options Kenya (FHOK)

Region: Eldoret, Thika and Nakuru, Kenya

Population: Adolescents ages 10-19 living with or affected by HIV, and their families

Challenges:High/disproportionate HIV rates among adolescent girls; Lack of access to sexual and reproductive health information, support and resources in and out of home; Need for economic support to help provide tangible and sustainable solutions for adolescents (particularly young women and girls and those living with and affected by HIV.)

Activities: Integrated, family-centred education and communication-skills programme; HIV and sexual and reproductive health service delivery for adolescents; Micro-credit and income generating activities – aimed especially at young women and girls; Skills and mentorship training