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AIDS 2012 Global Village

The impact

The impact of the Global Village has been tremendous – both from a historical perspective and looking beyond AIDS 2012. Historically speaking, not only has the Global Village provided unprecedented opportunities for networking, information sharing and cross-functional collaboration, but it has born two very significant international organisations – the Global Forum on MSM (men who have sex with men) and the African and Black Diaspora Global Network, which both formed as a result of the Global Village at AIDS 2006.

Looking ahead, I know that this Global Village at AIDS 2012 is going to make a real difference in advocating for stronger support to responding to HIV at the community level. Part of our purpose is to make sure that everyone knows that these key affected populations are still here, and an essential part of the solution.

"The fact that we have so much support and so much enthusiasm from the Positive Action team really means a lot to us. It means that we can not worry about programming, not worry about making sure that community members can attend the conference, can attend and be part of the Global Village. It means that these organisations, these young people can be here, learn so much, and then take it back with them to their parts of the world. And one significant thing, I think, and I learned this from Toronto and I know it will happen here is that the local community—you know, Toronto, Mexico, Vienna, D.C.—is going to be left with a phenomenal amount of support, of advocacy, of messages. And they’re really going to be in such a great and strong position to move forward and make sure that they’re supported, that they’re part of the solution. And I don’t think that that could at all be possible without Positive Action."

- Joseph Elias, AIDS 2012 Global Village Coordinator