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AIDS Action Europe

A network of HIV-related organisations in Europe & Central Asia, working towards a unified, more effective response to the region's HIV epidemic.

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Courtesy of AIDS Action Europe


Hi, my name is Martine de Schutter and I am the Executive Coordinator at AIDS Action Europe. Today, I am pleased to tell you about our longstanding collaboration with Positive Action and the various initiatives it has enabled us to implement.

We were established in 2004, and since then have grown to be one of the largest HIV-related networks in the region. With approximately 450 member organisations from 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia, our mission is to unite civil society to work towards a more effective response to the HIV epidemic in our area.

Key Facts

Projects: A range of initiatives designed to first build the network, and then to provide tools and resources that enable our members to respond to the most pressing needs within their communities and across the region, and to exchange information, ideas and lessons learned

Run by: AIDS Action Europe

Region: Europe and Central Asia

Population: All people living with HIV and at-risk populations, with a focus on gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM), people who inject drugs and migrants

Challenges: Stigma and discrimination; the economic crisis; lack of access to treatment, care, information and harm-reduction programmes

Activities: Needs assessments; development of an online database on HIV/AIDS good practice materials; seminars; skills training sessions; small grants programmes, advocacy work