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AIDS Action Europe

A network of HIV-related organisations in Europe & Central Asia, working towards a unified, more effective response to the region's HIV epidemic.

Real life clearinghouse

Courtesy of AIDS Action Europe

The impact

The impact of these projects has been felt at many levels. Looking at some of the specific initiatives, the Clearinghouse on HIV and AIDS has become a central resource that serves a large and diverse community. With users who range from grass-root NGOs in Ukraine to policy makers in Brussels, and visitors from 157 countries, the Clearinghouse has an increasingly important role in facilitating knowledge expansion and exchange among and between NGOs, policy makers, networks, projects and other diverse stakeholders across our region.

Through a combination of training, small grants, web-based learning, individual coaching and other skills-building activities, the ROST project has strengthened the capacity of AIDS Action Europe member organisations in the Russian speaking part of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  Within two years, 60 organisations participated in advocacy skills and resource mobilisation seminars, with 10 of those organisations going on to implement their own projects through small grants – all with substantial results.

Collectively, our efforts have helped ensure that NGOs and CBOs from across the region can collaborate and share information and best practices, and that they have the skills and resources they need to work effectively towards addressing the epidemic in their respective countries and across the region.

Key Facts

Projects: A range of initiatives designed to first build the network, and then to provide tools and resources that enable our members to respond to the most pressing needs within their communities and across the region, and to exchange information, ideas and lessons learned

Run by: AIDS Action Europe

Region: Europe and Central Asia

Population: All people living with HIV and at-risk populations, with a focus on gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM), people who inject drugs and migrants

Challenges: Stigma and discrimination; the economic crisis; lack of access to treatment, care, information and harm-reduction programmes

Activities: Needs assessments; development of an online database on HIV/AIDS good practice materials; seminars; skills training sessions; small grants programmes, advocacy work