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amfAR MSM Initiative

A grants programme that supports community-based efforts to reduce the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS among gay men, other MSM and transgender individuals in the developing world.

Lessons learned

Kent Klindera, amfAR, thanks Positive Action's support of the MSM Initiative

One of the main things that’s been reinforced through this programme is that it’s absolutely critical to involve the community at every level. The individuals on the ground are the ones who know the best ways to reach MSM in their communities, the best ways to challenge homophobia and transphobia where they live, the best ways to document the issues, and what research is needed in order to successfully advocate for change. And so, to me, the lesson learned is that it’s critical to place decision making power within the community, as opposed to employing a traditional “top down” approach. The individuals on the ground are the ones who know the best ways to affect change in their own backyards.

Key Facts

Project name: 
MSM Initiative

Run by:
amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research

Asia Pacific

Gay men, other men who have sex with men (MSM), and transgender individuals

Stigma and discrimination; criminalisation; lack of access to health services

Supporting community-based organisations; funding research; advocating for increased global attention and funding for HIV/AIDS programmes specific to MSM; supporting epidemiological, demographic and policy research to inform more effective prevention efforts in these communities.