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Beats for Life

The Beats for Life campaign is a modern approach to tackling the challenges presented by the HIV epidemic in Germany. Young people's lives are strongly connected to music, and so the campaign invited young people to write songs about HIV/AIDS in order to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and promote prevention.

Impact & lessons

Lina Van de Mars on the success of the Beats for Life campaign


Support from celebrities such as Lina van de Mars has really raised the profile of this project, with people across Germany blogging and tweeting about it, and directing friends to the website and Facebook page.


As of August 2011, more than 1,000 people “liked” the Beats for Life Facebook page and it was visited by more than 100,000 people.


Visit the Beats for Life Facebook page


Lessons Learned


My colleagues and I have found the positive response to the Beats for Life campaign really encouraging. It has taught us is that if you communicate with target demographic groups in the right way you can really engage them in talking about HIV and AIDS, and start to change the dialogue.


We also really value and respect the roles that our collaborations have played in this campaign. Partnership has been such an important factor for success, in this case with other HIV advocacy organisations, supporting celebrities and artistes, and the Positive Action programme.

Key Facts

Project name: 
Beats for Life

Run by:
Netzwork Plus and ViiV Healthcare Germany


Young people

Lack of awareness, stigma and discrimination

Social media outreach, music competition