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Beats for Life

The Beats for Life campaign is a modern approach to tackling the challenges presented by the HIV epidemic in Germany. Young people's lives are strongly connected to music, and so the campaign invited young people to write songs about HIV/AIDS in order to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and promote prevention.

Lina van de Mars

The campaign involves a number of well known German celebrities, one of these being Lina van de Mars

A Conversation with Lina van de Mars

Hi Lina, can you briefly introduce yourself and what you do...

My name is Lina van de Mars. I am 31 years old and I live in Berlin. I’m a tech mechanic, car mechanic and I have been on air on TV the past eight years. I am mainly known as a host for car shows and race car shows but I also have been a musician and I think I always will be a musician and yes I am working on my new album. My band is called ‘The Pumps’ and I’m a drummer mainly but also write my own music.

What makes the Beats for Life campaign innovative?

So the most innovative components of Beats for Life and like my opinion are like for example it is a very active campaign that we make competing persons become members of the campaign. You can express your own thinking, your own lifestyle, your own thoughts towards HIV, towards AIDS and yes I think that makes it very special.

Why does this campaign focus on young people?

So like those people who can hand in their songs I think it is like musicians aged 16 to 30 but I think that Beats for Life is for everybody no matter how old you are. If you are gay, not gay, if you are male or female, if you are an artist or like a mother, or working at the bakery. So I think that everybody should deal with Beats for Life, should maybe come to the concert or like go online check it out and tell your friends about it.

The Beats for Life campaign is about to wake up young people mainly age 16 to 30 to start thinking about the danger of HIV again. And to also become an active part of the campaign as a musician, as the performer, as the writer and to participate we’re handing in songs and, yes, my role is — I’m a judge and jury, and I will be listening to the competing songs and hopefully find a nice winner that will for sure win an awesome prize.

Key Facts

Project name: 
Beats for Life

Run by:
Netzwork Plus and ViiV Healthcare Germany


Young people

Lack of awareness, stigma and discrimination

Social media outreach, music competition