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Beats for Life

The Beats for Life campaign is a modern approach to tackling the challenges presented by the HIV epidemic in Germany. Young people's lives are strongly connected to music, and so the campaign invited young people to write songs about HIV/AIDS in order to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and promote prevention.

The need

Uli Meurer, Netzwerk Plus, talks about the risks of HIV/AIDS

While most people in Germany know something about HIV and AIDS, many people are not aware of how real the risk is – this is especially true among younger people, a demographic group which now has one of the highest rates of new infections. The lack of awareness has led to stigma and discrimination, the consequence being that many people living with HIV feel they cannot openly discuss their condition.

We need to get the topic of HIV and AIDS back on the table, and stop the younger generation feeling they are invincible. If we open up discussion in this group, we can increase the number of people getting tested and we can increase the number of people accessing treatment and support. In order for this to work, we need to reach out to young people in ways that are relatable and relevant to their daily lives.

Key Facts

Project name: 
Beats for Life

Run by:
Netzwork Plus and ViiV Healthcare Germany


Young people

Lack of awareness, stigma and discrimination

Social media outreach, music competition