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Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Partnership

Our partnership with the Elisabeth Glaser Paediatric AIDS Foundation works towards increasing access to antiretroviral drugs and improving care for infants and young children.

Supported initiatives

Since partnering with ViiV Healthcare we have been working together on a number of initiatives.

  • Training health workers in countries such as Malawi, Swaziland, and Lesotho.

This is important because if service providers do not offer testing and counselling for young children, then those children will pass through the health system without being identified. Often the die without knowing what killed them. And so with a bit of training, the service providers become more confident in offering testing to the children, to their parents and their families and this helps to increase access to treatment.

Denis Tindyebwa, Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
  • Policy analyses to assess political barriers that restrict access to treatment for infants and young children. The results can be used to develop advocacy strategies to remove these barriers.
  • Research into the proportion of young children infected, the proportion receiving HIV test results and the proportion treated. Results highlight the gaps and frequently show that an HIV test is performed but that the results do not get back to the health worker or the infant’s family or caregivers. Country programmes can be adapted to close the identified gaps, using innovative new approaches.





Key Facts

Project name: 
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, a partnership developed as one of the programmes within the Paediatric Innovation Seed Fund

Infants and young children

Poor identification of HIV-infected children; Lack of infrastructure; Insufficient knowledge at community level; Stigma and discrimination; Neglect of infants and young children in HIV programmes and policy

Training, policy analyses and research