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HIV Young Leaders Fund

Supports organisations of young people affected by HIV/AIDS who are often excluded from or unreached by existing programmes, such as young sex workers, young men who have sex with men and young people who use injection drugs.

Lessons learned

One thing we noticed from our call for proposals, which we issued in five different languages of the region, was that many youth-led groups don’t have access to someone who can speak English, and so, they can only apply for funding if applications are in their local language. We really see a need to advocate among other groups in the region to translate funding calls and technical assistance documents so that young people at the grass-roots level can access them.

Another thing we learned is that we can provide something of value even to applicants who are not selected for funding – feedback. One of the things we’re working to do in the future is to revise the grant application scoring process so that each organisation that applies but does not receive a grant, receives written feedback on why their proposal wasn’t accepted and how they might think about improving it for future funding rounds.


Key Facts

Youth-led HIV Initiatives in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Run by:
HIV Young Leaders Fund, in partnership with Youth LEAD

Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Young key affected populations (young sex workers, young men who have sex with men, young people who use injection drugs, etc.) and young people living with HIV

Heightened risk; barriers to prevention, treatment, care and support; stigma and discrimination; limited opportunities for youth and youth-led organisations to directly influence the policies and programmes that affect them

Three year grant-giving programme for youth-led organisations focused on young people most affected by HIV; training workshops, peer support and other initiatives to provide grantees with access to mentorship tools and resources