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What we do

The three main objectives and activities of the project are:

  • Increase the rate of HIV testing and to link those with undiagnosed HIV infection into care by organising promotional campaigns targeting MSM to increase testing, and by providing community-based HIV testing in community settings.
  • Enhance the skills of healthcare providers about HIV testing, treatment and care, and to decrease stigma and discrimination of PLHIV by developing a printed booklet, and organising a workshop for primary healthcare providers.
  • Empower PLHIV and improve treatment literacy, by organising a safe virtual space for PLHIV and providing educational material.

What does the project involve?

The project involved several initiatives:

  • A promotional campaign targeting MSM was launched to increase the rate of HIV testing and project has ensured continued funding for community based testing targeting most affected population with HIV in Croatia (MSM).
  • A booklet and a workshop was organised for primary healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge and understanding of HIV and to decrease stigma and discrimination.
  • Safe online community and education activities were developed to empower PLHIV including a booklet ‘Positive Living’that is available as a hard copy and also online.