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Kaiser Family Foundation

In 2016, the Kaiser Family Foundation teamed with the UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health to produce a video series that gives voice to transgender women about HIV. Empowered: Trans Women & HIV focuses on transgender women in relation to HIV risk, prevention and care.

The Project

Following a national search that drew more than 75 applicants, five transgender women from across the nation were selected to be featured in the campaign. They represent a diverse set of backgrounds and life experiences. Three are living with HIV and two are not.

Writer, researcher and activist JoAnne Keatley facilitated an intimate and inspiring conversation in which the women open up about challenging moments of diagnosis, disclosure, discrimination, and the loss of close friends, as well as the triumphs of finding gender-affirming health care providers, learning about PrEP and transitioning safely while on HIV treatment.

An interview with JoAnne Keatley


The discussion was edited into a 20-minute video with corresponding viewing guide designed to facilitate group screenings and discussions.  A toolkit -- including brochures, posters, t-shirts, buttons, etc.-- was provided to support community outreach.

One-on-one interviews with the women provided more insights into their own life experiences. These profiles were used for targeted digital distribution and to promote informational resources about HIV prevention and care.

An interview with Victory