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Kenya Council of Imams and ULAMAA (KCUI)

The Project

In the ‘Wezesha Wasichana Wetu – Empower Our Girls’ project, one of the key objectives is to increase awareness on the harmful effects of FGM/C in the targeted counties by 2018.

In order to achieve this, KCIU collaborates with the health, social- care, education and law- enforcement sectors, a multi-agency approach to tackling FGM/C with central co-ordination so as to harness the expertise of diverse professionals to help disseminate anti-FGM/C messages effectively. The Project mobilized and sensitized 50 stakeholders on the harmful effects of FGM/C.

Anti-FGM ambassadors pictured in Laikipia County

KCIU’s empowerment program seeks to increase awareness on the harmful effects of FGM/C and significantly reduce its practice in three counties: Nakuru, Laikipia and Baringo. The initiative’s approach targets multiple key stakeholders including religious leaders, community members, schools, parents and AGYW, to disassociate the practice of FGM/C with Islam.