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Kenya Council of Imams and ULAMAA (KCUI)

What we do

The project trained and supports 28 Maalimats and 12 Imams to undertake anti-FGM/C outreaches to 20,000 community members. The Imams play an important role here, first, they are the community gatekeepers, and second, their buy-in and participation in the project is paramount in order to disassociate the practice from religion and to reach a wider audience that includes males so as to catalyze male involvement. The Maalimats are reaching out to young girls and women, including those who have already undergone the practice, empowering them to speak up to other women and share their experiences so as to inspire and question their acceptance of the practice and increasingly building confidence to speak out against the practice.

Sensitization sessions targeting 2000 girls and boys age 10+ on harmful effects of FGM/C are being conducted in schools and madrassas. The sessions are aimed at empowering the girls to say no to the practice and the boys to support them in this.

Another objective is, by 2018, to promote the rights, education and campaigning abilities of girls in the three counties in which the project supports the capacity of twenty schools/madrasas to provide counsel, anti-FGM/C and health talks to girls age 10+ and form 20 clusters/clubs for girls and boys in each participating school/madrasa to empower the girls on their rights, including their SRH and to monitor any impending FGM/C activity amongst the girls. KCIU has formed  three  inter- sectorial anti-FGM lobby groups, one in each of the counties, to monitor and support the elimination of FGM/C and gender inequalities, and supports the quarterly monitoring meetings for the group.