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MTV Staying Alive Initiative

An HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention charity spearheaded by MTV Networks International, providing grants to youth-led organisations around the world that are working to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in their communities.

Courtesy of Staying Alive Initiative


Hello, I’m Sara Piot, Director of Grants for the Staying Alive Foundation. We’re an HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention charity that is spearheaded by MTV Networks International, and we provide grants to youth-led organisations around the world that are working to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS in their communities.

We give out grants of up to $12,000 a year and our grantees generally have programmes that are very creative, tapping into popular interest, such as sports, the arts, media and technology in order to reach other young people. To date, we have awarded 272 grants to organisations in 58 countries. We’ve been doing that since 2005 when we first started out giving grants around the world.

We’ve been working with the Positive Action Programme since 2009 when they awarded us a four-year grant to run a multifaceted capacity-building programme for the youth-led organisations we support. Today, I’m pleased to take you on a tour of this project and to outline for you why youth empowerment is critical in the context of the global HIV/AIDS response.

Key Facts

Project name: 
Staying Alive Initiative, Capacity Building Programme

Run by:
Staying Alive Foundation


Youth (with a target age range of

Heightened risk due to emotional changes experienced by this age group; stigma and discrimination; limited global investment in youth-led responses to HIV; limited opportunities for youth to contribute directly to national and international HIV strategy

Residential training programmes,
e-training courses and grantee exchanges for youth-led organisations