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MTV Staying Alive Initiative

An HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention charity spearheaded by MTV Networks International, providing grants to youth-led organisations around the world that are working to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in their communities.

Courtesy of Staying Alive Initiative

What we do

Specifically, this capacity-building programme is organised as follows:

  • Year One: Residential training courses, conducted by Restless Development, that provide participants with skills in organisational strategy and planning, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, finance management, and media and marketing. This phase of the training is aimed at strengthening the core capabilities of each individual and each organisation. Hear what grantees had to say about their experience at the London capacity-building workshop, October 2010.
  • Year Two: E-courses, conducted by the Global Youth Coalition on HIV and AIDS, to refine and enhance skills in areas such as advocacy, project management and fundraising.
  • Years Three and Four: 
    • International grantee exchanges, during which grantees visit other more established youth-led organisations across the globe and then bring what they learn back home to be applied as appropriate to their own community efforts.
    • Work placements during which grantees are expected to learn and understand better how other organisations and companies operate within their country. They will actively learn ‘best practices’ and also contribute a young person’s perspective to the organisation/company they will work with. At the end of the experience it is expected that the grantee will be able to transfer some of the skills learned to his or her own organisation.
  • In addition, we have created a private social network, Staying Alive Connected, designed to help our grantees connect and share ideas from anywhere in the world. Each organisation gets its own public web page, enabling young leaders to show the valuable work they do to a wider audience, and post updates on their projects’ progress. It’s designed to be easy to use and accessible to people with limited internet access or low bandwidth and poor connectivity. It’s also an online forum where young leaders can help and inspire each other by sharing their experiences, expertise and resources. As more and more young leaders get involved, and Staying Alive Connected expands, the wealth of shared knowledge continues to grow.

Key Facts

Project name: 
Staying Alive Initiative, Capacity Building Programme

Run by:
Staying Alive Foundation


Youth (with a target age range of

Heightened risk due to emotional changes experienced by this age group; stigma and discrimination; limited global investment in youth-led responses to HIV; limited opportunities for youth to contribute directly to national and international HIV strategy

Residential training programmes,
e-training courses and grantee exchanges for youth-led organisations