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NAM aidsmap

NAM publishes a wide range of print and digital materials for all communities affected by HIV and those working to support them. Last year NAM’s website, aidsmap, received over 6 million visits and 78% of the HIV-positive visitors agree that the information helps them to live better with HIV.

The Project

NAM’s mission is to provide trustworthy information that helps support people living with HIV, enabling them to:

  •          Take control of their lives and their healthcare
  •          Understand and adhere to their treatment
  •          Better communicate with healthcare staff
  •          Live longer, healthier and better quality lives

 NAM provides resources and information for healthcare professionals to:

  •      NAM aidsmap HIV manifesto    Deliver the best possible services for people with HIV
  •          Offer the most effective support for people living with HIV

NAM HIV manifesto

 NAM aidsmap - HIV manifesto