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NAM publishes a wide range of print and digital materials for all communities affected by HIV and those working to support them. Last year NAM’s website, aidsmap, received over 6 million visits and 78% of the HIV-positive visitors agree that the information helps them to live better with HIV.

What we do

Access to quality information is critical to enable individuals and communities affected by HIV to protect themselves, care for others, advocate for better services and challenge stigma and discrimination.

There are now more people living with HIV, both here in England and globally, than at any previous time. This is reflected in increasing use of NAM’s information resources. The website, aidsmap.com, is a truly global resource and is viewed over 6 million times every year. We publish more original independent HIV treatments news than any other organisation (c350 reports every year) alongside over 2,000 carefully selected stories from other reputable sources. A core component of the coverage is reporting from all the significant scientific and social science HIV-related international conferences.

An HIV treatment journey

While almost a third of visitors to the aidsmap website are health care providers and others professionally involved with HIV or public health, most of the visitors are individuals seeking more information about HIV for their personal interest, many of them people directly affected by HIV. Every day we provide the most up to date news about HIV treatment, care and prevention. NAM’s scientific news coverage on HIV, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis is internationally recognised as a key means of disseminating the latest innovations in HIV treatment, care and prevention to a global audience. We produce bulletins using lay people’s language to ensure the widest possible audience.

Hepatitis C transmission during sex

Each bulletin contains numerous links back to the more advanced, technical stories, or to more detailed background information, for those that require it. It is by using this dual approach (combining technical and lay language, with cross linking) that we have succeeded in reaching such a broad audience so credibly.

Last year NAM was proud to partner with the International AIDS Society once again as official provider of online scientific news for the 2016 International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa. We delivered email news bulletins from the conference to over 50,000 subscribers, with translated versions in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. We also delivered tailored news bulletins from a further six international conferences. NAM was also a news provider for UNAIDS on issues relating to its 90-90-90 strategy, this coverage being among the most popular news stories on the site.

Transmission and the law