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NAM Initiative

Lack of quality, clear and up-to-date information is a major challenge that prevents individuals with HIV from accessing healthcare services and lessens the likelihood of successful long-term treatment. NAM’s mission is to provide trustworthy information that supports people living with HIV and healthcare professionals.


Hi, my name is Caspar Thomson and I am Executive Director of NAM, an organisation dedicated to providing HIV/AIDS information to both people living with HIV and their healthcare providers. Since the first grant in 2001, we have received extensive support from Positive Action, a partnership that continues to grow. Today, I am going to take you on a tour of our programme and show you how the collaboration is helping us tackle some of the major challenges posed by the HIV epidemic.

Key Facts

A range of HIV information initiatives that support the effective delivery of HIV care, principally in resource-limited settings

Run by:


Healthcare providers, all people living with HIV

Lack of access to quality information

Provision of information via electronic resources, newsletters and bulletins