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NAM Initiative

Lack of quality, clear and up-to-date information is a major challenge that prevents individuals with HIV from accessing healthcare services and lessens the likelihood of successful long-term treatment. NAM’s mission is to provide trustworthy information that supports people living with HIV and healthcare professionals.

Our mission

Our mission here at NAM is to provide trustworthy information that helps support people living with HIV, enabling them to...

  • Take control of their lives and their healthcare
  • Understand and adhere to their treatment
  • Better communicate with healthcare staff
  • Live longer, healthier and better quality lives

In terms of healthcare professionals we aim to support them in...

  • Delivering the best possible services for people with HIV
  • Offering the most effective support for people living with HIV

Key Facts

A range of HIV information initiatives that support the effective delivery of HIV care, principally in resource-limited settings

Run by:


Healthcare providers, all people living with HIV

Lack of access to quality information

Provision of information via electronic resources, newsletters and bulletins