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Partners in Health, Lesotho Project

Working in twelve countries around the world to provide quality medical care to people in some of the poorest and most difficult to reach parts of the globe. This includes the Lesotho project, which is one of three sites in Africa.

Project overview

The maternal health and HIV project started as a small pilot at one of seven health facilities that Partners in Health supports in the mountains of Lesotho. At this first pilot health facility, we trained 100 specialised community health workers, many of whom are former traditional birth attendants, to educate and accompany women in their villages to the health clinic for services.

The joint goals of our collaboration are to….

  1. Ensure all pregnant woman receive a HIV test on their first clinic visit
  2. Ensure all women deliver their babies in a health clinic
  3. Support health centres in providing good quality staff, training, transportation, supplies and medicine

Overall, we want all women living in Lesotho to have access to quality care and to deliver their babies in a safe environment. We want the kind of healthcare for the women of Lesotho that any of us would want for our sisters, for our mothers, for our daughters. With this we can help reduce maternal death and the orphan epidemic in Lesotho and decrease the risk of mothers passing HIV onto their children.

Key Facts

Project name: 
The Maternal Health and HIV Lesotho Project

Run by:
Partners In Health

The southern African country of Lesotho

Mothers, children

Geographic isolation, lack of infrastructure and health services, female vulnerability, large and growing HIV epidemic, high maternal mortality

Community health worker training, resource development, incentives and support