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Positive Action Southern Initiative

The Positive Action Southern Initiative, focused on the Southern region of the United States, is a community–focused program designed to address gaps in services that support linkages to care and treatment adherence for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

The need

There are several contributing factors that make it challenging for homeless people who are living with HIV/AIDS to be adherent to their medical appointments and treatment regimens, or to even get into care in the first place. These individuals have very little or no income, which presents barriers in terms of paying for healthcare services and medication, as well as simply being able to afford transportation to and from appointments. In addition to financial barriers, the instability of homelessness means that it is very difficult to maintain the consistency required to manage a chronic illness like HIV/AIDS.

Also, many of the individuals who we serve here have not completed a full education. So, even when they are able to access care and make their medical appointments, they may not fully understand how or when to take their medications, how to read or interpret the label, or how to communicate effectively with their healthcare provider. What’s more, many of our clients are dealing with other issues before they even come to us – things like mental illness or a substance abuse problem, which only add to the barriers they must contend with.

Stigma and discrimination play a role as well. These individuals may feel stigmatised, one, because they are homeless, and, two, because of their HIV/AIDS diagnosis. We have individuals who are adamant that they don’t want to disclose their HIV status because of the stigma and/or discrimination they anticipate from their community or their family, meaning that they may be reluctant to access care even when it is available to them.

Key Facts

A range of programmes that support linkages to care and treatment adherence for underserved populations in the Southern region of the United States

Southern United States.
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee

Run by:
Alabama: Aid to Mothers (AIM)

Florida: BASIC NWFL; Care Resource; Compass, Inc.: Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network, Inc. (JASMYN); WellFlorida Council, Inc.

Georgia: Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition (AHRC); Positive Impact; SisterLove; Union Mission

Louisiana: Brotherhood, Inc.; Southwest Louisiana AIDS Council (SLAC); Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge (FSGBR)

Mississippi: Grace House; My Brother’s Keeper

North Carolina: RAIN, Inc. (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network); Western North Carolina AIDS Project

South Carolina: Lowcountry AIDS Services (LAS); South Carolina HIV/AIDS Council (SCHAC)

Tennessee: Friends for Life, Corp.; Nashville CARES

Hispanic/Latino populations; African American populations; Incarcerated HIV-positive women and African American men preparing for release; People living with HIV in rural areas; Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT); Youth; Substance users; Homeless individuals; Black and Latino men who have sex with men (MSM); Newly diagnosed individuals; Children and families; People accessing transitional housing and services

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