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Stigma Action Network

The project

In 2012 we set out on a two-year project to maximise our use of social media – namely Facebook, blogs and Twitter – as a way to draw attention to the SAN and its goals, promote action and catalyse discussion. Not only did we aim to highlight key advocacy issues, but also to create a more cohesive and powerful network by linking people dedicated to reducing HIV-related stigma and discrimination from across sectors – affected individuals and communities, programme implementers, researchers, advocates, governments and donors.

Key Facts


Social media scale-up as a means to facilitate and strengthen coordinated global HIV stigma and discrimination reduction efforts

Run by:

The Stigma Action Network




Various HIV-stakeholders and the general public


Reaching and inspiring action among diverse HIV-stakeholders across the globe, as well as engaging the general public; Reshaping and re-crafting sometimes complex messages to inspire dialogue via social media; Bridging the gap between users of the SAN website and users of SAN social media channels; Measuring the success of our social media efforts, both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Using social media to strategically reach out to other HIV groups and activists, as well as the general public; Creating and sharing existing images, infographics, memes, videos, articles, podcasts, and blog posts that enable interaction with diverse groups of people; On-going monitoring and evaluation to inform the selection of stigma-related content and how to most effectively present that content via various social media channels.