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The Centre for Sexual Health and HIV/Aids research (CeSHHAR) Zimbabwe

The Need

The Zvandriri programme responded to the recognition that, whilst paediatric ART was being rolled out in Zimbabwe, there was little if any provision for children and adolescents’ broader psychosocial and treatment needs. Since its inception, Zvandiri has evolved a unique model of integrated, community-based psychosocial support and health services for HIV positive children and young people and is now scaling up to other provinces across Zimbabwe.

The objectives of the Zvandiri trial are to provide evidence on whether enhancing community-based support for children and adolescents on ART through the Zvandiri programme will:

i) reduce the cumulative incidence of ART treatment failure;

ii) improve retention in care;

iii) reduce the prevalence of anxiety and depression;

iv) reduce rates of non-disclosure of HIV status when compared to usual care;

v) be more cost-effective than usual care.