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The Community-led HIV/AIDS Prevention Project, Kenya

We partnered with SOTENI Kenya to promote prevention of mother-to-child transmission services in the Nyanza province of Kenya.

Impact so far

There are a number of results we are pleased to present:

  • The four health facilities we worked with have reported an increase in uptake of testing and ANC services.
  • SOTENI ABDs presented at 47 barazas reaching over 3,300 people in the Ugenya area of Nynanza Province
  • We distributed 56,000 condoms at the health facilities, the barazas and home-visits.
  • We hosted 130 support group sessions for people living with HIV, reaching over 2,300 people.
  • ABDs made 204 home-visits; speaking to over 800 people including families and couples to provide care and support and deliver important prevention messages.
  • The social impact of CHAPP has been exhibited in the following aspects:
    • Generation of vibrant and open talks about safe sex, especially at Chief’s barazas where ABDs have demonstrated correct condom use.
    • Improved male involvement both at public gatherings and ANC sessions at health facilities.

Key Facts

Project Name:
Community-led HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme (CHAPP)

Run by:

Nyanza Province, Kenya

PLWHA; women of child bearing age; all sexually active men and women

Cultural norms; lack of understanding about the importance of local health services and how to access them

Educating the community via sessions at local gatherings, support groups, in-home visits and promotional materials; Providing in-home care services; Building networks with other community-based organisations and local health facilities; Creating synergies with our AIDS Barefoot Doctors (ABDs) Programme and working with our ABDs to deliver educational information and care, and increase referrals to local health services