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The Czech AIDS Help Society, Czech Republic

The Czech AIDS Help Society was one of the Positive Action Europe grantees 2015.


The projects have had positive feedback from clients and below are some quotes from service users. 

After the diagnosis I was scared of what would come next. My doctor told me that I had an incurable disease and not much more. My buddy helped me a lot, explained to me what day to day living with HIV is like, answered all my questions and shared his personal experiences with me. I felt much better when I saw him as I got the information I was looking for. I felt that I was not alone with my disease

Client of Programme

The Buddy programme was set up because of the needs of people newly diagnosed with HIV. The programme is developed by people living with HIV and includes their personal experiences. Our clients have the same feelings and questions that we used to have when we were diagnosed. It is a great feeling of accomplishment when we see their fear disappear and their mood improve

Buddy programme coordinator