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Ubuntu Education Fund, Living Positively

Aims to engage men and boys in South Africa’s Port Elizabeth Townships around leadership roles, gender issues and knowing their HIV status.

About us

Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organisation that takes vulnerable children in the townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa from cradle to career. Ignoring traditional development models, Ubuntu redefined the theory of “going to scale”; rather than expanding geographically, we drew a 7km radius through a community of 300,000 people. Our programmes form an integrated system of medical, health, educational, and social services that ensure a child who is either orphaned or vulnerable could, after several years, succeed in the world of higher education and employment. Our child-centred approach highlights the difference between merely touching a child’s life versus fundamentally changing it.

Key Facts

Living Positively

Run by:
Ubuntu Education Fund

Port Elizabeth Townships, South Africa

Boys and Men

Gender inequality and gender-based violence in the context of a disadvantaged community with dangerously high rates of HIV; high mortality among young parents

HIV prevention, testing, and treatment adherence support; Workshops, support groups and other activities focused on challenging existing gender norms