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Ubuntu Education Fund, Living Positively

Aims to engage men and boys in South Africa’s Port Elizabeth Townships around leadership roles, gender issues and knowing their HIV status.

Our learnings

With this programme we needed to create an environment where boys and men would be comfortable discussing gender issues openly –events, activities and support groups specifically for males serve a real purpose in this regard. But there’s also a need to create opportunities for men and women, and boys and girls, to work together. This is something we’re starting to explore more as we look to the future. The challenge will be how to do that while still maintaining the trust and honesty we’ve been able to foster up to now.

Speaking more broadly, the project reinforced to us that addressing the HIV epidemic in our community relies on many things, most notably: trusting and empowering local leadership, seeking regular feedback from the community, keeping our geographic focus tight, concentrating deeply on every client, and examining all of our work through a gender lens.

Key Facts

Living Positively

Run by:
Ubuntu Education Fund

Port Elizabeth Townships, South Africa

Boys and Men

Gender inequality and gender-based violence in the context of a disadvantaged community with dangerously high rates of HIV; high mortality among young parents

HIV prevention, testing, and treatment adherence support; Workshops, support groups and other activities focused on challenging existing gender norms