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Ubuntu Education Fund, Living Positively

Aims to engage men and boys in South Africa’s Port Elizabeth Townships around leadership roles, gender issues and knowing their HIV status.

The impact

The project has begun to change the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of men in our community. For example, we tested close to 10,000 men and boys for HIV during the three year grand period. Moreover, 96% of our clients now adhere to their HIV treatment regimens, compared to 57% in the city of Port Elizabeth and 75% in all of South Africa. We’ve also seen, and expect to continue to see, changes in adolescents’ views of gender relations and knowledge of safe sex and disease prevention.

But for me, the most significant impact comes back to stabilising the household for the children living there. That means not having the men in their families die from HIV/AIDS, and it means having the men around them treat them in a healthy and positive manner.

Key Facts

Living Positively

Run by:
Ubuntu Education Fund

Port Elizabeth Townships, South Africa

Boys and Men

Gender inequality and gender-based violence in the context of a disadvantaged community with dangerously high rates of HIV; high mortality among young parents

HIV prevention, testing, and treatment adherence support; Workshops, support groups and other activities focused on challenging existing gender norms