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Positive Action at Work

  • HIV and AIDS: the facts (PDF 499KB) – This gives the basic facts of transmission and is relevant at any time
  • HIV at work (PDF 104KB) – This poster announces or reinforces your employer's HIV policy. It deserves almost permanent display
  • I am (PDF 332KB) – A positive image of a woman who refuses to be defined by her HIV infection: all her roles - daughter, mother, wife, employee – are listed above being HIV+. People can and should continue to live their lives and conduct their business after an HIV diagnosis as before
  • You don't know (PDF 97KB) – The poster challenges people to think how their behaviour can make it easier for others to live with HIV – extend the hand of friendship, include people, don't assume everyone is negative etc
  • We talk (PDF 425KB) – Encourages employees to take the lessons of HIV education home. Challenges heads of families to address issues of sexuality, HIV and AIDS
  • He cares (PDF 476KB) – Provides a positive image of abstinence without attributing this to any particular moral code
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections - STIs (PDF 425KB) – Use this to raise awareness of STIs, local clinics and any sessions you will be running. Could be used in conjunction with condom promotion or distribution, eg in toilets
  • No condom? (PDF 410KB) – This figure could be a role model for condom use. You could use the space at the bottom to give details of where to get condoms
  • The HIV test (PDF 434KB) – Be prepared to discuss why he is "better off knowing". Add local VCT information in the space provided
  • World AIDS Day (PDF 1.3MB) – Use this to help you promote anything you are doing to mark World AIDS Day, especially any community projects like the ones pictured
  • Thank you (PDF 95KB)
  • HIV & AIDS Information Session (PDF 96KB)
  • HIV Leaflet (PDF 857KB)
  • HIV facts (PDF 596KB)
  • HIV treatments (PDF 4.7MB)