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Positive Action for Europe

Positive Action Europe funds community-based projects that reach those disproportionately affected by HIV, particularly marginalised communities.

About Positive Action Europe

ViiV Healthcare recognises the enormous significance of the community response to HIV/AIDS and is committed to seek out and build new partnerships and connections to help strengthen education, support services, local healthcare capacity and capabilities, and to reduce stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS. The selected community-based projects focus their efforts on patient empowerment and education, increasing testing for early diagnosis and addressing emotional and societal issues such as the psychological impact of HIV on individuals and their families to tackle stigma and discrimination, a key issue affecting people living with HIV across Europe.[i]

The Positive Action Europe Fund was initiated in 2014 and since then funding has increased year on year

i] UN AIDS 2014: Reduction of HIV-related stigma and discrimination, Guidance Note. Source: http://www.unaids.org/sites/default/files/media_asset/2014unaidsguidancenote_stigma_en.pdf


Positive Action Europe Case Studies - 2015 grantees

Iskorak, Croatia

The Czech AIDS Help Society, Czech Republic

Positivo - Grupos de Apoio e Auto-ajuda, Portugal