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Positive Action for MSM & Transgender People

Supporting community-led efforts to address HIV and AIDS, promote sexual health & wellbeing and advance social & economic justice for MSM and transgender people

The Positive Action Programme for MSM & Transgender People is central to ViiV Healthcare’s commitment to communities affected by HIV and AIDS.

Each year, we support and build new partnerships with community-based organisations (CBOs) around the world in settings that are either resource-limited or hostile to the LGBT community.

Our small grants programme is the flagship component of Positive Action for MSM & Transgender People; our other activities are focused on supporting the efforts of CBOs to improve sexual health & wellbeing and advance social & economic justice for MSM and transgender people.

These activities include:

  • Our Strategic Grants which inform, strengthen and complement the work of CBOs by focusing on: (i) Evidence Generation; (ii) Capacity Building, and; (iii) Promoting an Inclusive Social & Economic Environment, supporting interventions that are either of a larger scale than our small grants or addressing alternative topics.
  • Our Support Grants which support CBOs during periods of acute hostility to the LGBT community
  • Other grant making initiatives
  • A diverse range of non-financial initiatives including:
    • Novel conference activities
    • Skills-building workshops
    • Forums to engage with other CBOs
    • Support for nascent LGBT-led organisations in particularly hostile environments
    • Our Associates programme (a dedicated programme of grant managers with a diverse skill set related to HIV from across ViiV Healthcare)

Please note that currently it is only our small grants programme for which we accept applications.