US Patient Assistance Programmes

ViiV Healthcare is committed to broadening access to medicines for people who need HIV treatment.

At ViiV Healthcare, we work together with stakeholders to support access to our HIV medicines for affected populations in the U.S. and across the globe. For U.S. residents we support the following programmes and services:


For people without insurance for pharmacy benefits:

ViiV Healthcare Patient Assistance Program:

Patient assistance programmes provide a safety net for those with no insurance and limited incomes to get their HIV medicines. We recognize this is a time of increasing need, and through this programme we offer all our HIV medicines — no cost — to qualified U.S. HIV patients. More information about our Patient Assistance Program can be found at

Acceptance of the Common Patient Assistance Program Application (CPAPA):

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and seven leading pharmaceutical companies and foundations developed this common application, which allows uninsured individuals living with HIV to use one application to apply for multiple assistance programs that provide an entire course of HIV therapy. To access the form, please visit

Support of HarborPath:

HarborPath is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping uninsured individuals with limited incomes who are living with HIV/AIDS to obtain their medicines (from ViiV Healthcare and other participating companies) with one application anda single place for medication fulfillment. For more information, visit


For qualified insured patients and all patients without insurance:

ViiV Healthcare Patient Savings Card Program:

Our patient savings card allows qualified patients to save on their out-of-pocket costs for each ViiV Healthcare medication they have been prescribed. More information can be found at


Find out more about our global access initiatives including voluntary licensing, not-for-profit pricing and our tiered pricing policy.