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Working to prevent stigma and discrimination that has kept HIV testing rates in Croatia below the European average

Encouraging the Croatian MSM community to seek HIV testing and treatment.

In Croatia, more than half (58%) of all new HIV infections occur within the men who have sex with men (MSM) community – the second highest proportion in the EU. High levels of stigma and discrimination have kept testing rates below the European average leaving up to half of all HIV positive MSM undiagnosed. Some HIV positive MSM may choose to hide their status from partners or refuse treatment due to fear of exposure to family members, friends or employers.

ISKORAK is working with the MSM community in Croatia to encourage more men to seek testing and treatment for HIV. The programme is being delivered through targeted promotional campaigns as well as direct provision of community-based testing and counselling reaching more than 10,000 MSM.

All service users will be able to access testing and counselling anonymously and fully-trained staff will be on hand to provide basic psychological, medical and legal support online.

By providing positive and clear messages about getting tested and living with HIV ISKORAK hope to encourage more men to know their status and to interrupt the transmission of HIV amongst MSM in Croatia.